Files Structure

The next list will help you to know how the game is structured.

  • index.html (Game 'launcher')
  • imgs (contains all game graphics)
    • Etc (mouse action icons)
    • Menu (menu background and action icons)
    • OverScreens (graphics on top)
    • Screens (game backgrounds)
      • title.png
    • Sprites (game sprites)
      • Player(player images)
        • leftwalk.gif (player moving left animation)
        • rightwalk.gif (player moving right animation)
        • leftspeak.gif (player speaking left animation)
        • rightspeak.gif (player speaking right animation)
        • left.gif (player stop animation)
        • right.gif (player stop animation)
  • js (The source code files)
    • engine (where the magic happens)
      • actions.js (take, speak, use objects, etc... functions)
      • cookies.js (functions to save game progress)
      • create.js (functions to create the menu, the screens, the sprites)
      • engine.js (functions used by the game developer)
      • global.js (variables and classes)
      • include.js (it set all .js files into index.html)
      • language.js (language file, modify it to set JSGAM in your own language)
      • preload.js (used for preload images)
      • utils.js (internal functions)
    • screens (here will be stored the code of each screen)
      • title.js (main game screen)

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